Save the World and Everything In It! (Some Restrictions Apply)

We live in a society that is eager to protect the victimized and powerless. Organizations, service projects, charities, and philanthropic causes flourish and thrive; if you are looking to give and help, opportunities are abundant. So many of these causes are aimed to help those without voices; to strengthen those who cannot strengthen themselves; to provide aid to those who are helpless. This desire to do good is universal and transcends political and religious beliefs, particularly in the face of suffering and injustice.

Let me make a distinction here. The political left, that collectively composes the Democratic voting machine, defines themselves primarily through that motivation people have to help: they claim that they are the party that is all about helping the victimized, the innocent, and the trampled upon. Many of their principles, much of their legislation, and most of their speeches center in one way or another around this most noble of human desires. They preach that they are the party that protects and defends those who have no voice. Except, of course, in the cause of defending and advocating for unborn children. If a mother wants to kill her child, these do-gooders are markedly and ironically silent. Well, okay, not totally silent; they have things to say about the mother. “It is her choice,” they say. “It is her body," which, they insist, is the end of the story. “It is a fetus, not a baby,” they proclaim. They are silent regarding the child's rights, and often complicit in suppressing any recognition that the life growing in the womb can have rights. They offer no support to the most innocent and helpless among us, who are slaughtered at a rate of more than 1 million a year in the United States alone.

Of course not all on the left support abortion (or on the right oppose it), and other political parties are definitely not without their hypocrisies. But today my focus is to try and broaden the thinking of people who may now support abortion, but are open-minded enough to reconsider. If you stay with me, I'd like to pause for a bit to list many of the issues that some pro-abortion advocates champion, and as such, use as evidence of their kind hearts and charitable intentions.

One example is PETA, an organization dedicated to protecting all animals. Environmental agencies, law firms, and activists ensure that construction sites be approved so they won’t disrupt precious animals, reptiles, insects, and other plant life and ecosystems. Entire highways and construction projects are halted to enable these little creatures and their unborn generations to live more peacefully, or just to survive at all.

Other groups are dedicated to the cause of people victimized by police brutality, freeing prisoners, and commuting the sentences of soft criminals. Some advertise the cruelty or injustice of of the death penalty, arguing that if just one person is wrongfully executed this is justification enough to abolish capital punishment. Groups are formed to support millions around the world who are plagued by the AIDS epidemic. Anti-poaching laws are championed as people decry the foreign markets where animals are killed for valued parts, like rhinos for their horns. They rally against the cruel treatment of animals by zoos, circuses, bull-fighting, and pet stores, and promote vegetarianism to save animals from becoming food.

And there are so many more examples. Vast lengths are taken to protect human beings from harming themselves through sodium and sugar consumption, unhealthy lifestyle choices, and obesity. Sexual preferences and privacy rights in the bedroom are defended. Deviant behaviors are labeled as mental disorders, and thereby, protected. The green movement has been backed by some of the most powerful figures in our culture; ad campaigns, movies, marketing, governmental funding and all sorts of attention is given to our precious Mother Earth and saving her for future, unborn generations.

Leftist groups blacklist big game hunters, and blacken the reputation of soldiers who fight for their nation. Human and animal torture is condemned in the media and public. Campaigns are waged against using animals in product-testing. Big government creates program after program and layer after layer to help the unemployed, poor, unmarried, and disabled.

The motivation behind all of these causes--that the celebrities, politicians, pundits, fundraisers, and the millions of people who idolize them and support them in these causes, will tell you--is to help those who cannot help themselves. To give a voice to the victimized. To right inequities and protect the innocent. Those are noble and lofty motivations, are they not? And they do all of this out of the goodness of their hearts, promoting non-profit organizations to implement their vision. Because, they say, serving others for profit is just evil, too “corporate,” and as such, any good intent is nullified by the inherent greed at the heart of for-profit enterprises.

So, considering all of the above examples and many more, when a video surfaced last week revealing that Planned Parenthood is selling aborted baby parts for profit, I was comforted to know that we could count on our caring society to rally to the protection of the defenseless. Human babies are the most precious, the most innocent, the most helpless, the most voiceless, the most in need of protection, and according to the reasoning that many use for their involvement in other causes, I just assumed this cause was a great candidate. It was wonderful to know that popular culture and its mouthpieces, so interested in helping victims, would rally to these innocent children and decry the selling of harvested human baby parts for profit. I was happy that I could link arms with the vast army of benevolent protectors in our country as they donated their charitable hearts and vast resources defund this organization that is killing children and slicing them up piecemeal to sell like tiger liver.

Imagine my dismay when I heard nothing from any of these people or groups, who on any other cause, are so quick to jump in and help. All these wonderful people who are so involved in so many efforts to rescue animals, nature, and people from themselves did nothing to help these babies. No defense was offered. No rallying cry. Instead, newsfeeds and comment sections, and the leadership of Planned Parenthood itself, were filled with pathetic excuses like,

“Well, the mother chose to abort the baby, and if the tissue can be used for good things, then it shouldn’t be a problem.”


“If they are using illegal techniques to abort the baby then of course they shouldn't’ be doing that, but if they are using standard procedures then it is perfectly legal and justified.”

Oh. Okay. I see. Once again, silence in defense of the innocent, and justification in defense of the perpetrators of what is, essentially, the poaching, murder, and selling of human baby parts. As a business model.

Well, at least it’s good to know where some people draw the line. They will reroute entire communities to protect an egg-laying turtle, then giggle with delight as those little hatchlings make it to sea, patting themselves on the back for saving precious, innocent lives...BUT, advocating and fighting for human babies? That’s asking a bit much. Okay, well, I’m glad that is clear now. Because I was confused. When people said that they were interested in helping the defenseless, I made the mistake of thinking they actually meant it. I didn’t realize there was an asterisk to that statement, a caveat of *unless you are a human child.

I’m just going to call it like it is here.

Anyone who goes to any lengths to protect any type of animal, plant, ecosystem, or victim of any kind, and does not go to the same or more extreme lengths to dismantle, condemn, and shut down the killing of babies is a self-deluded, dangerous hypocrite. They are as the Pharisee preaching righteousness on temple grounds while selling the sacrificial altar meat for a profit. If they don’t put on their sackcloth and ashes for innocent human life but will for an endangered animal, shame on them. Shame on them. If they use insidious and manipulative lies phrased as “the right of the mother,” and “It’s her body, her choice” or the frankly disgusting and dryly legalistic arguments behind “fetal viability” to defend profit-hungry, power-mongering, racist, and corrupt institutions that prop up abortion, then they have placed themselves on the side of evil.

In the end, how can anyone be comfortable with an organization that promotes death and profits by it? I truly want an answer to that question. And answer it without the pathetic excuse that Planned Parenthood provides valuable services to women. That is like a serial killer insisting that they help old ladies across the street when they’re en route to their next kill. Oh, really? You want props for doing that, while you were responsible for killing actual human beings? All righty then.You can tally all of the birth control and counseling that Planned Parenthood has provided women over the years all you want, but when held up against the fact that they are complicit in and encourage the murder of millions of babies each year, none of it seems to really matter.

It is time to open our eyes and wake up, America. I realize that many of you on the pro-choice side are just normal people following what you feel to be right, or going with the flow of society on this one. I understand that it might be easy to get swept in by the virtuous-sounding reasoning propagated by those who profit from the movement. I know that many of you know people who have had abortions, or who have had children in less-than-ideal circumstances, and are witnesses to the difficult realities of life that such situations present. Despite all of this, I make a plea to you now--we need you rethink your position, to leave those ranks. Ponder in your own heart whether the life of a baby is deserving in its own right of your protection. Do not listen to the arguments peddled by those who have a financial or political stake in the abortion business, but listen to your own feelings. Consider your capacity to create, not destroy. We need you to say, “No more.”  We love you and want you to recognize the abortion movement for what it is, to see it for the wolf behind the sheep’s clothing.

Just think about it for a bit, about what I have said today. How much longer can we stand for the insanity? The insanity of a movement that screams about protecting the innocent and then condones the murder of children? The insanity of the celebrity popularity and mindless ignorance of hijacking a slogan so fundamental and important as “women’s rights,” and degrading it by using it only as a smoke screen to trample on human rights? To be frank, how can we be SO STUPID? Stop letting people blind our eyes and brainwash our minds of logic and drain our hearts of any compassion. Stop believing the lies. Become critical thinkers. Look beyond the catch-phrases and do-goody blitz and glamour to the collateral damage of the abortion industry.

Until we do, mass extermination will continue. Babies will continue to be slaughtered and butchered and sold off, piece by piece. This is an issue that should not be divisive; it should be one that unites all humans--humans who are alive and exist because their mothers gave birth to them--behind what is quite simply, right. Yep, I said it. Human nature and common morality draws a finite, immovable line in the sand to declare abortion wrong. And yes, I judge those who create and perpetuate the myths woven by the pro-choice movement, and I judge those who follow that movement while turning a blind eye to the hypocrisy of it. You can hate me if you want, I don’t care. Your hatred is minimal in comparison to the slaughter of innocents. I, unlike many others, will not be a silent bystander as this occurs, nor will I give any credence to the flaxen cords of noble-sounding excuses that are used to bind so many to the dark path of justifying murder.

Where will you stand? It’s past time each and every person seriously considered that question.